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2017/18 Opening of 'The Book Barn'
2017/18 Building the new Library Cabin
2017/18 Kidderminster Harriers Penalty Shoot-Out
2017/18 Forest School at Millfields
2017/18 Y3 Pioneer Trip
2017/18 'Friday Flog It'!
2017/18 YR Kiddiminster Harriers
2017/18 Y1 Trip to the Think Tank
2017/18 Bonfires and Pancakes!
2017/18 Y3 Fairytale WOW Day
2017/18 Charford's Got Talent
2017/18 Using our new library system
2017/18 Spring Term School Clubs
2017/18 YR Julia Donaldson WOW Day
2017/18 World Book Day
2017/18 Y1 Performance of 'The Three Little Pigs'
2017/18 Worry Monster and Cosmic Kids
2017/18 Y3 visit to Bromsgrove Library
2017/18 Police visit to YR
2017/18 YR Tesco 'Farm to Fork' Trip
2017/18 Gym Festival at the Dolphin Centre
2017/18 Y3 Fairy Tale WOW Day
2017/18 Xmas Fayre
2017/18 Y3 Carol Concert
2017/18 Fun in Y3
2017/18 Autumn Term Clubs
2017/18 Celebration Assembly
2017/18 Proud Librarians!
2017/18 YR Performance of 'A Little Bird Told Me'
2017/18 Y2 Great Fire of London Re-enactment
2017/18 Y3 Stone Age WOW Day
2017-18 Y1 Multi Skills Event
2017-18 Y1 Around the World Day
2017/18 Outdoor Art Day
2017/18 Hard at work in Y3
2017/18 Harvest Assembly
2017/18 Y1 is Fun!
2017-18 History Man and the Great Fire of London - Y2
2016-17 Forest School Autumn Term
Photo Archive 2016-17
2016-17 Y2 Create 'Charford Zoo'
2016-17 Y2 Trip to Dudley Zoo
2016-17 Y1 Movie Club
2016-17 Learning Outside the Classroom Day
2016-17 Art & Design at Charford
2016-17 Y1 Drama Workshop at SBHS
2016/17 YR Kidderminster Harriers
2016-17 YR Little Owl Farm Visit
2016-17 Forest School 'Making Faces' and 'Wands'
2016-17 Y1 Present 'The Gingerbread Man'
2016-17 Charford's Got Talent Final
2016-17 Hatching Chicks in Y2
2016/17 Y2 Making Pancakes!
2016/17 Spring Term Forest School
2016/17 Tesco 'Farm to Food' Trip YR
Y1 Think Tank Visit
2016/17 Theatre Company visit YR
2016/17 Christmas Fayre
2016/17 YR Performance of 'A Miracle in Town'
2016/17 YR Nick Sharratt WOW Day
2016/17 Bromsgrove Library Gifting Books to YR
2016/17 Library Time for YR
2016/17 Learning Outside in YR
2016/17 YR Explorers
2015/16 Visits from 'People Who Help Us'
2016/17 Class Time in the New Library
2016/17 New Library Opening Day
2016/17 Building a New Library
2016/17 KS1 Entertainer
2016/17 Diwali Day
2016/17 The History Lady visits Y2
2016/17 Harvest Assembly
2016/17 Outdoor Arts Day
2016/17 Y1 Around the World WOW Day
2016/17 Y1 Multi Skills Festival at SBHS
2016/17 New Sparklers Classroom Opening
Photo Archive 2015/16
2015/16 YR with Kidderminster Harriers
2015/16 Jackson Pollack art in YR
2015/16 Y1 Trip to the Think Tank
2015/16 YR Visit to Little Owl Farm
2015/16 Y1 Performance 'Little Red Hen'
2015/16 YR Julia Donaldson WOW Day
2015/16 YR Enjoying Explorers' Club
2015/16 YR Off to the Chip Shop
2015/16 YR Celebrate Chinese New Year
2015/16 Pets at Home visit Y1
2015/16 YR Nativity
2015/16 YR Exploring Outdoors
2015/16 YR People Who Help Us WOW Day
2015/16 YR Diwali Day
2015/16 YR enjoying Outdoor Arts Day
Photo Archive 2014/15
2014/15 YR Airport Trip
2014/15 PFA Funded Equipment for School
2014/15 YR Explorers Club
2014/15 YR Nick Sharratt WOW Day
2014/15 YR Visit the Chip Shop
2014/15 YR People Who Help Us WOW Day
2014/15 YR Our First Nativity
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