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Charford First School



Have you herd? For eight weeks in the summer of 2021, Worcester will be brought to life by a perfect parade of beautifully decorated elephant sculptures. Elephants – both big and small – will form a stunning, free art trail through the city’s streets and open spaces, bringing together the community for one unforgettable event.


Our elephant's name is "it's good to be different." Although the year 4 children have nicknamed him patch!


St Richard's Hospice are running another statue tour through the city of Worcester.


As part of this they have invited companies to make a donation to 'purchase' a baby elephant statue to give to schools and other community groups. AA Salt a company in Droitwich made a donation to St Richard's, as they have done in the past, took a vote from their employees and chose to donate their calf to Charford.



AA Salt Services Ltd, a gritting and snow clearing company based near Droitwich donated the calf to Charford First School after we were nominated by one of our children's families through their parents work with the company.


AA Salt managing director Nikki Rogers has seen pictures of ‘It’s Good to be Different’ or ‘Patch’ and said “I love the inclusivity message that the elephant represents, and we are very much looking forward to seeing him on the trail around Worcester in the summer.  We are proud to be working with the school and sponsoring the elebaby as well as one of the ‘giant’ elephants in this year’s parade”.


We’ve invited schools, youth clubs, community groups and children’s services to get involved and share the amazing experience of Worcester’s Big Parade.

Elephant Calf sculptures will accompany our full-sized (giant!) elephants, exhibited in clusters within Crowngate Shopping Centre and selected shops within the city. The calves will complement and add value to the main Big Parade art trail, showcasing the creativity of groups within our community. Once the parade has drawn to a close, the colourful sculptures will be returned to their creators as a permanent legacy.

(Worcesters Big Parade website)

Our elephant design celebrates the school value 'Originality'.

Our sculpture was inspired by our belief in celebrating uniqueness and respecting differences between ourselves and others. We are all original but when we link our strengths and differences together we shine and stand strong.


Our fabulous elephant was designed by our year 4 children. Each child designed & painted their own unique patch to create our beautiful patchwork elephant.