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Charford First School

Leo Walks for Red Nose Day

Leo in Tigers has been raising money for Red Nose Day. Below is the story of how and why, sent to us by his mum.


Leo had seen an advert on the TV and asked me what Red Nose Day was, so I explained that it was a way of helping to raise money for those who need it the most. He then said I would like to do something to help children. I came up with a few ideas such as baking but he insisted on doing something which involved running. So we measured the distance round the block and he said he would do 2 laps from the 22nd Feb until Red Nose Day on the 19th Mar which would be roughly 11 miles and he would have a target of £100 to raise. So he started and we set up a fund raising page. The fund raising went crazy and he hit £300 and he was amazed and even said he wanted to run more. So on some days he was running 4/5 laps. After today his total miles will be 18.7 and his fund raising is now at £925 which is an unbelievable amount raised so far and still rising.