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Charford First School

Charford Nursery



Welcome to Charford First School Nursery. We aim to make this stage of your child’s education a very happy and enjoyable experience.
Early Years education is vital for children, giving them opportunities to extend their levels of social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.
We provide a friendly and secure environment in which all of the children can acquire and develop essential skills, concepts, attitudes and knowledge that allow them to become independent, inquisitive and caring members of society.
The children within Nursery have the time, space and resources needed for investigation, exploration and socialisation. The children are encouraged to engage in both activities and to enjoy self-chosen challenges adapting and modifying their experiences as they learn through their first hand experiences.
We provide time for the children to talk, share their experiences and build relationships with the adults and other children. We monitor the children’s learning and reflect upon our teaching and activities, to ensure that each child accesses a broad and balanced range of experiences, closely linking with the school life at Charford First School.
We offer equal opportunities for all children and value them all as individuals. All children are supported by staff, according to their individual needs and abilities.


We have 3 groups within our Nursery setting:


Group 1

Our 2-year-old children


Group 2

Children approaching 3 years of age 


Group 3

Children over 3 years of age 


Long and medium-term planning for Nursery can be found on the Curriculum page of the website.