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Charford First School

Charford Values



We aim to develop Confident and Healthy children within a caring environment, where Friendships can flourish.

Originality is encouraged and celebrated with all members of our school community being Respectful of each other.

We want our children to be Resilient life-long learners who are Determined to achieve their goals and have Aspirations for their future.


When children show one of our Charford Values, they receive a stamp on their individual values card.


Each child’s received values contribute towards a whole class total and as different totals are achieved the whole class receives different rewards as they celebrate being ‘Charford Champions’.



The values are totaled for each class every half term – come and see how many your class has achieved and what rewards they have had!



Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

We also have a whole school reward for working together as Charford Champions – when we reach 10,000 values we get to have Fun Friday where we work with different classes on different activities.


At the end of the Autumn Term, the school total was an amazing 13,207 values. Well done everyone!