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Charford First School

Maths at CFS

At Charford First School we aim to provide a high-quality maths curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable for all of our children.  Our policies, resources and approach support our vision to enable every child to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics; with the ability to reason mathematically and develop skills in problem solving. Skilled and trained staff gives our mathematics curriculum coherence and they know the most effective ways to implement it.
By applying our values of resilience and determination when faced with mathematical challenges, we nurture the children’s enthusiasm for maths, and show them that it is an exciting ‘journey’ that everyone can enjoy, value and master.



Across school, the Maths-No-Problem or concrete-pictorial, abstract approach to learning is followed and teachers plan work in sequential units that build on previous learning which leads to a deeper understanding. The curriculum is broken down into small manageable steps which help children understand concepts better. Flexibility is built into planning to allow staff to adapt to meet the needs of all the children.


We aim to provide all children with the practical skills to understand the concepts, facts and operations necessary to meet the mathematical needs of everyday life and will secure our intention that all children make good progress from their starting points.

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