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Charford First School


Medication in School

We only administer mediceines in school that have been perscribed by a doctor. They must be sent in to school, in the original packaging with all the pharmacy labels still present.

We can only administer medicinces at lunchtime due to staffing, and will only administer medicinces that are required 4 times a day. By doing this, your child is able to have a dose in the morning, one at school, one at the end of school and one at bedtime.

No medicines required less than 4 times a day will be taken in school.

If your child attends Little Treasures, a dose can be administered at the end of the school day, again only for medicines taken 4 times a day.


Signing in Medicines

Medicines must be signed in at the office, on the day of the first dose, and then anytime a new fullfilment of that medicince is sent in. For example, if a child is on a 14 day course, normal the first fullfilment is for 10 days, on day 11, the medicince must be brought to the office to be recorded on the original form.

Forms take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

Mrs Mansell is the school's lead first aider. Any queries around medicines should be directed to her. To discuss a medicine, phone the school office and ask to speak to Mrs Mansell.

DfE Guidelines

The Department for Education has issued new statutory guidelines with regard to the administration of medicines in school.


Please click the link below for further information.