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Charford First School


At Charford, we believe that reading is a key life skill and are dedicated to enabling our children to become life-long readers. Reading unlocks the future and opens up a world ‘Where everyone is someone’.

We aim to develop a love of reading and provide a curriculum where children learn to read, and read to learn.  


Progression of Reading Skills
Throughout school all children engage in regular reading sessions, using high quality texts, to develop both word-reading and comprehension skills. Please refer back to the reading policy for more information.

The National Curriculum Programmes of study have been organised into long term plans and knowledge organisers for each year group;


Reading at Home
We value parents in supporting us, to continue the reading journey at home. Our home reading books use a variety of schemes to enable the children in becoming confident and fluent readers. They are colour coded and organised to closely match the children’s stage of development. The children are able to move through these at their own pace. Each child also has access to the on-line reading world ‘Bug Club’ where books are allocated matching their current colour band.


We develop reading for pleasure, we also encourage the children to read a broad range of reading materials such as; comics, magazines, recipes etc.

Please click on the links for some more information to support reading at home;
Book Trust; book recommendations by age;


Teachers Who Read
We believe that the teachers should have a good knowledge of children’s literature, so each term they are invited to take part in the ‘Grown Up Reading Challenge’.  Children’s book are carefully selected and made available for all the staff to read.
Look at what they are reading this term…. 

At the end of each term, the staff member who has read the most, is our ‘Reading Champion’,
The current winner….

We encourage the children to question the teachers about what they are reading, and engage in discussions about their own reading too.